PC Remote Control for Smartphones. It offers a remote desktop with mouse and keyboard control as well as direct control of the system and applications. Although released in 2011 development is still in progress. There are still a lot of ideas to be implemented.


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A minimal clock for the Android home screen. Inspired by Minimal and Flat Design it brings a clean, modern style to the home screen. Its numerous settings make it highly adjustable to individual preference.


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My name is Bernd Wendt, I am an in­de­pen­ent soft­ware de­ve­lo­per from Bonn, Germany. My profession is development of applications for PC, mobile and web. Im par­tic­u­lar­ly in­ter­es­ted in UI/UX design.

In addition to my own projects I am also interested in contract work in the domain of Java, app development and web applications. Feel free to contact my in this regard.

Areas of Expertise

Software development for Windows / Android / Java ME
Programming in Java / C++
Web development with PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

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